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Automation technology

Automation technology is a comprehensive technology, and it has a very close relationship with control theory, information theory, system engineering, computer technology, electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic technology and automatic control, etc. Among them, control theory and computer technology are used for automation technology. Has the greatest impact. Several development trends of automation technology are: mechanical and electrical integration, diversified mechanical functions, standardization and modularization of structural design, and intelligent control of intelligent robots.

HIPA provides customers with high-precision processing, marking, welding and other laser application processes and spectral detection, calibration and other system solutions through automation technology, and always puts the customer first, ensuring that any demand made by the customer is guaranteed within 24 hours Provide feedback and provide a complete set of technical support. The HIPA automation system is highly integrated, which can achieve high-speed operation of the overall plan and greatly improve production efficiency.

At present, HiPA has fully automatic equipment: automatic inspection of disc materials, automatic loading and unloading machines for docking automatic production lines, automatic loading and unloading machines, automatic stress detection machines, and automatic chip testing machines.