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Productronica 2023

Thick Glass Cutting with Ultrafast Laser

Because of its excellent optical properties and unique wear resistance, cover glass is used in automotive display screens.

HiPA Solutions – Laser Micro Hole Drilling

Flexible circuit boards, referred to as FPC are widely used in consumer electronic products such as microelectronics, 5G mobile phones, laptop computers, and new energy vehicles.

Starlight Shines towards the Future

The 2022 Jeep Commendation Conference and the 2023 Military Order Signing Ceremony were Successfully Held

Jeppe Technology Master Shines World’s First VCSEL Application Conference

On December 26, 2018, the first global VCSEL application conference named by Jeep was successfully held at the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese City Intercontinental Hotel. Jeep Chairman Huang Zhijia, Executive Director and Deputy General Manager Dr. Cheng Xueping, Vice President of Sales Gao Junxiong, and Marketing Director Dr. Zhang Meng represented the company at the conference.