FPC MicroVias Drilling System – Golden Gun-F

Product Description

High yield and low cost, equipped with HiPA new generation of laser control technology,high speed and high precision FPCB microvia drilling equipment. Can be used for all kinds of FPC process like: laser blind hole, through hole, cung, window opening, etc.


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1. The overall structure design of the equipment is flexible and compact, and the loading and unloading structure can be configured;

2. Equipped with high power and high stability 355nm UV laser, stable power and small attenuation, to ensure the quality and efficiency of drilling;

3. Equipped with HiPA new generation of laser control technology, it can accurately control the laser index in the process of high-speed machining, and improve the quality and precision of drilling;

4. Independent research and development of professional drilling software, to achieve a variety of different ways of drilling, can be customized according to customer needs;

5. With energy real-time monitoring and accurate calibration compensation, the drilling stability is greatly guaranteed;

6. Visual monitoring system ensures drilling stability and yield;

7. Software compatible with various types of functions, the interface is simple and easy to operate, you can learn basic operations in a short time.


Laser Type

Laser Power

Power Stability

Drilling Capacity

Maximum Processing Range

Machining Accuracy

Repetitive Positioning Accuracy

Machine Dimensions

UV Laser


< ±2.5%








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