PCB Ultraviolet Laser Marker

Product Description

JPT PCB UV marking machine is mainly used in PCB, FPCB, SMT and other industries. lt provides a complete set of integrated process traceability solutions for PCB manufacturers, including complete functional modules such as code assignment, code reading, and data system. lt helps customers to realize the traceability and control of PCB production cycle, improve product quality and production capacity. Compatible with small-format and large-format PCB boards. lt also supports front and back marking, flipping and can realize professional laser processing and coding of QR codes, text,symbols and patterns.


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  1. Wide range of product compatbility diferent traceability requirements of inner ayer copper clad laminate and laminated coper clad laminate can be realized
  2. Automatic loading and unloading, compatible with 50-350mm plates, automatic flipping, double-sided marking
  3. Equipped with high-precision industral cameras and XYZ modules to achieve high-precision automatic posioning, code reading and rating functions after code assignment
  4. It can be marked on the surace of white soder mask, green solder mask and other masks as wel as coope stainless stee, aluminum alloy etc and the marking efect is good
  5. Using PT’s self-developed aser, the use cost and maintenance cost are ow the performance of the whole machine is stable, and it can run for a long time
  6. The eouipment has a high degre of standardization. high work efciency and can be uickly delivered in hatches



Application fifields: new energy battery, consumer electronics, hardware and electric appliances, passive components, etc.

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