FPC Cover Layer Laser Cutting Equipment

Product Description
  • High Quality
  • High Efficiency
  • High Precision
  • High Stability


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1. Marble gantry structure to achieve high rigidity and processing stability;

2. Optical splitting and light switching system to support the two sets of processing platforms working simultaneously. Compatible with a variety of material cutting;

3. Support single-axis processing. Can exchange to ultra-high power single-axis cutting machine to process thicker products;

4. Reserve the position of the loading and unloading interface Support reel to sheet and sheet by sheet;

5. High pressure dust collection device to reduce the dust generated during processing;

6. Automatic measurement of thickness of sampling material and correction of processing position;

7. JPT self-developed software which is easy to operate and can be changed at any time according to customer needs;

8. Equipped with processing log and fault log function to grasp the production dynamics easily.


LaserUV-30Processing rangeDual platform 600×300mm
Laser power30WRepeatability accuracy±1μm
Scope of scan head48×48mmPositioning accuracy±3μm
Laser pulse frequency30-1000kHzOverall machining accuracy±20μm
Cutting line width and band range<30μm; 355nmDepth control accuracy±30μm
Single – and dual-header switch functionYesMachine size1550×1350×1700mm
Compensate for expansion and contractionYesMachine weight2000kg
Auto focus functionYesLoading and unloading methodReel to sheet, sheet by sheet
Cutting jointed board functionYesCutting efficiency1000-5000mm/s
Processing materialCover layer, PET film, PP film, PI film…Memory capacity1TB



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