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Shenzhen OJ Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen OJ Microelectronics Co., Ltd. focuses on laser drilling of flex/rigid PCB boards, which can realize high-speed, efficient, high-precision and high-stability drilling of through/blind holes according to different customers requirements. Moreover, based on the sound foundation of laser theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we have developed and mass-produced standardized machines for marking and cutting chips, wafers, IC carriers, LeadFrame, etc. We are making constant progress on electronic products, SMD devices and semiconductor industry.

At present, our standardized systems have been exported to overseas countries, like across the United States, Japan, Europe, Malaysia and so on.

Professional and international R&D team. PhD and masters accounted for more than 30% of total R&D personnel.

Excellent optical simulation design team. Simulation of different optical systems is made in advance for constant improvement.

Efficient cost control. Always provide customers with the highest cost-effective solutions.

Comprehensive and timely technical service team. Ensure the response within 24 hours and support covers everywhere in the world.

PCB Depaneling is suitable for cutting various types of PCB substrates, such as soft and hard bonding boards, FR4, PCB, FPC, fingerprint recognition modules, covering films, composite materials, copper substrates, aluminum substrates, etc,It can be equipped with ultraviolet or green laser according to needs, and the splitting process is clean and dust-free to avoid circuit failure caused by conductivity caused by waste materials. Help customers solve production efficiency and yield issues. Compatible with products with a maximum size of 460×460mm.

  • High Quality
  • High Efficiency
  • High Precision
  • High Stability

High yield and low cost, equipped with HiPA new generation of laser control technology, high speed and high precision LTCC microvia drilling equipment. Can be used for all kinds of LTCC process like: laser blind hole, through hole, cutting, etc.

JPT PCB UV marking machine is mainly used in PCB, FPCB, SMT and otherindustries. lt provides a complete set of integrated process traceabilitysolutions for PCB manufacturers, including complete functional modulessuch as code assignment, code reading, and data system. lt helps customersto realize the traceability and control of PCB production cycle, improveproduct quality and production capacity. Compatible with small-format andlarge-format PCB boards. lt also supports front and back marking, flippingand can realize professional laser processing and coding of QR codes, text,symbols and patterns.

HM110FFH is an automatic precision equipment designed for high-precision positioning andmarking of product information for micro-semiconductor wafer chips to meet the increasingmarket demand for chip-level packaging wafer production capacity. The unparalleled advantage ofthis device lies in its ultra-high-precision identification and positioning products and markingproducts. Using Scanvision technology to capture chip images, the positioning accuracy is less than15um, the marking line width is <10um, and it can achieve 50umx50um small character markingAnother major feature is high speed. The calculation of product positioning and marking position iscompleted through algorithms, and the precise positioning and marking of the marking positionare directly completed by the galvanometer, without the need for high-speed movement of the XYplatform. lt also supports customization of laser type, illumination method, optical pathconfiguration and software to ensure the best solution for customers.

Twin laser cutting station design, for high cutting speed and accuracy. Fully automated cutting, PNP, loading & unloading.

High yield and low cost, equipped with HiPA new generaon of laser control technology,high speed and high precision FPCB microvia drilling equipment. Can be used for all kindsof FPC process like: laser blind hole, through hole, cung, window opening, etc.