HM110FFH Wafer Laser Marker

Product Description

HM110FFH is an automatic precision equipment designed for high-precision positioning and marking of product information for micro-semiconductor wafer chips to meet the increasing market demand for chip-level packaging wafer production capacity. The unparalleled advantage of this device lies in its ultra-high-precision identification and positioning products and marking products. Using Scanvision technology to capture chip images, the positioning accuracy is less than 15μm, the marking line width is <10μm, and it can achieve 50μm×50μm small character marking. Another major feature is high speed. The calculation of product positioning and marking position is completed through algorithms, and the precise positioning and marking of the marking position are directly completed by the galvanometer, without the need for high-speed movement of the XY platform. lt also supports customization of laser type, illumination method, optical path configuration and software to ensure the best solution for customers.


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  1. Using Scanvision technologv to capture product magnification images marking position, positioning accuracy ±15μm;
  2. Use special algorithms to calculate product position and marking position, high-peed positioning and marking of alvanometer, no need for high-speed XY movement;
  3. The marking line width is very fine, which can reach within 10μm, and can realize the marking of 50μm×50μm size characters;
  4. Provide customized solutions, formulate the best laser, optical path,lighting, software and other configurations according to customer products;
  5. Through years of study and product polishing, the equipment has excellent reliability and long-term operation stability.



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