Laser Trimmer

Product Description

Laser Trimmer is mainly used to scan and trim resistors with the short-pulse laser. The laser can “cut out” kerfs of given depth by gasifying the resistive film on the ceramic substrate, altering the length and the cross-sectional area of the resistor and this subsequently changes its resistance value.


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1. Creative use of customized fiber laser instead of traditional solid laser to provide the highest cost-performance;
2. Self-designed measurement / control system with independent intellectual property rights;
3. Proprietary control software delivers great customizability for trimming pattern, linewidth, etc;
4. With a wide range of adjustable resistance, ultra-low resistance 0.1mΩ-100mΩ, regular 100mΩ-10MΩ, ultra-high resistance 10MΩ-100MΩ;
5. Adapt to a variety of product types, 01005-2512;
6. Compatible with copper foil, alloy, thin film, thick film type resistance;
7. The core modules are: Laser, Measurement System, Motion & Control System, Master Control Program.


ModelSubstrate SpecificationTrimming RangeTrimming AccuracyKerf WidthLaser SourceMeasurement Channels
LTS-ULO-IR-I0201 and above0.1mΩ -1Ω1% and 5%20-40μmJPT-IR96/160
LTS-TKF-IR-I0201 and above1Ω-100MΩ1% and 5%20-40μmJPT-IR192/240
LTS-TNF-IR-I0201 and above1Ω-100MΩ0.1% and 0.05%8-12μmJPT-Green192
LTS-TKF-UV-I01005 and above1Ω-10MΩ0.1% and 1%8-15μmJPT-UV192/240



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