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operating hours

5 days and 8 hours working system pays overtime according to labor law

Five insurances and one gold

Provide social insurance and housing provident fund for employees in accordanc with the law such as ……

provide accommodation

Employee collective dormitory, equipped with air conditioner, water heater, etc.; provide employee canteen……

Account registration

The company’s professional staff will assist with the settlement in Shenzhen or Huizhou……


Year-end award, performance award, patent award, contribution award, outstanding employee……

Holiday benefits

The start-of-work profits, the Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/March 8 Women’s Day ……

Housing support

Public rental housing, housing subsidies, living subsidies.……


Paid annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, marriage leave, statutory holidays and other relevant ……

talent development

Provide on-the-job training, professional skills training, management improvement training……

Recreational activities

Fun activities such as ball/badminton/table tennis/football club, annual travel, employee &

The benefits of branches in different countries may vary according to local regulations and customs.