Laser Solder Jetting System

Product Description

Laser solder jetting welding uses a laser as a heat source. A single solder ball is transported to the nozzle through the solder ball conveying system, heated to a molten state by a laser beam in an inert gas atmosphere, sprayed to the surface of the welding workpiece, infiltrated and diffused to form a bonding layer, which results in a firm connection.


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  1. Rapid droplet welding in an inert gas atmosphere, high ball mounting efficiency;
  2. Selective tin ball diameter to meet the welding requirements of samples of different specifications;
  3. No flux pollution, no solder residue, effectively ensure the lifespan of components;
  4. High-precision CCD positioning system, especially suitable for precise welding of tiny devices;
  5. Single and double station are available to effectively control production costs;
  6. High stability platform system, in line with the development of integration and automation.


Laser SourceLaser WavelengthAverage PowerTin Ball DiameterBall Mounting SpeedFiber Length
CW / QCW / Diode1064nm, 915/976nm200-300W / 75-300W / 100-300W0.2mm≤Φ≤1.8mm4-6pcs/s5m (Customizable)
Fiber InterfaceCooling ModePositioning AccuracyXYZ-axis StrokeMachine Dimension 
QCS / QBH / D80Air-cooling±5μm300×300×150mm900×1000×1800mm 



Consumer electronics, semiconductors, automotive electronics, acoustics, communications, medical devices, military, etc.

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