Hybrid Welding Laser Source

Product Description

Hybrid welding is to combine the fiber laser and the diode laser into one laser beam through the optical lens group, which is output simultaneously and coaxial in space. The output energy of diode laser and fiber laser can be adjusted independently, so hybrid welding has the advantages of both laser welding. It can not only achieve the deep penetration welding effect of fiber laser, but also have the advantages of diode laser, which is preheating, slow cooling and smooth welding seam.


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  1. Independent adjustment of output energy of diode laser and fiber laser, easy debugging and operation;

  2. Less welding spatter and pores, smoother welding seam;

  3. Effectively reduce aluminum alloy welding defects and improve one-time welding yield

  4. Standard machine cabinet, easy to integrate into automated production lines;

  5. Optional OCT, online real-time monitoring of weld penetration;

  6. Optional power monitoring module, high stability in long-term mass production.




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