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Machine vision

Automatic optical inspection AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection) uses machine vision and optical methods to obtain the surface state of the product, uses image processing to detect defects such as foreign objects or abnormal patterns, or completes the measurement and positioning of key indicators (non-contact nondestructive inspection), Improve the flexibility and automation of production, and provide automatic positioning, measurement and detection solutions for automatic industrialization.

In order to adapt to the dangerous working environment of manual operation or the situation where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision; at the same time, in large-scale industrial production processes, manual vision is used to check product quality, accuracy and efficiency are not high, The use of machine vision inspection can greatly improve production efficiency and production automation.
A typical industrial machine vision system includes: light source, lens (fixed focus lens, zoom lens, telecentric lens, microscope head), camera (including CCD camera and COMS camera), image processing unit (or image capture card), image Processing software, monitors, communication/input/output units, etc. With the increasing performance of professional image processing software, automatic optical inspection is also increasingly introducing artificial intelligence technology to adapt to more and more complex industrial environments.