VCSEL Module Front of Line Tester (FOL tester)

Product Description

VCSEL FOL tester is used to control the quality of the product during assembling. By checking the optical characteristics of each emitter on the VCSEL, we can filter out the defective products with dead emitters or having lower power performance.


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1. Nonstop test possible while running the system, thanks to double-decker shuttle design;

2. Multiple sockets simultaneously testing – High UPH;

3. Fast and accurate P&P with 4 pickers and rotators;

4. On-the-fly image capturing of modules to ensure good accuracy;

5. Self-designed socket and driver boards, temperature control from 15 to 70 degreeC 6. Self-designed optical systems to do multiple testing.


Test ItemsLIV, High-Speed PD, NF, FF, Temperature Control, NVM
Target DeviceFace ID or Lidar Module, VCSEL substrate assembly
Configuration for TestMultiple Near Field system, Far Field Camera, Spectrometer, Photodiode, Integrating Sphere
Configuration for Motion25 Axis Motion, 6 Visions
Socket8 Single Socket with Actuator
Loading MethodAutomatic P&P, 4 Pickers, Magazine + Tray based
Control PCI7 Quad Core, 16G Byte Memory , Window 10, 64bit
UPH600 units per hour


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