Sensor Shift OIS Camera Module Calibration Machine

Product Description

The Z height of the image sensor would change as the OIS XY moves to different positions. Thus, there’s the need to calibrate the sensor Z height per module to ensure its good image quality while capturing images dynamically. And the camera module should be calibrated under different postures.


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  1. Nonstop test possible while running the system, thanks to double-decker shuttle design;
  2. Multiple sockets simultaneously testing – High UPH;
  3. Fast and accurate P&P with 4 pickers and rotators;
  4. Meet the vibration requirement of <0.005G (time zone) and 0.0001G (frequency zone, <500Hz), thanks to the vibration suppression and special vibration damper design;
  5. Self-designed socket and driver boards to control the module movement precisely;
  6. Special designed Up/Down vision for accurate alignment.


Test ItemsZ Displacement to OIS XY Calibration, APS Calibration, Hall Sensor Calibration
Target DeviceSensor Shift OIS Camera Module, Semi-manufactured or Fully assembled
Configuration for TestKeyence high-resolution Z Displacement Sensor, Confocal Sensor, Rotating Platform
Configuration for Motion28 Axis Motion, 8 Visions
Socket6/8/12 Single Socket with Actuator
Loading MethodAutomatic P&P, 4 Pickers, Magazine + Tray based
Control PCI7 Quad Core, 16G Byte Memory , Window 10, 64bit
Dimension2750×1700 × 2070mm
UPH600 units per hour


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