1D ToF VCSEL Module Tester

Product Description

This machine performs optical testing and calibration of the VCSEL and its corresponding photoreceptor (Tx/Rx Sensor). The detection range includes reflectivity detection, transmittance detection, and band interference detection. The technology covers optics, vision, and circuitry, ultimately achieving production process quality control for products.


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  1. Nonstop test possible while running the system, thanks to multiple input tray design;
  2.  Multiple sockets simultaneously testing – High UPH;
  3. Self-designed special reflective screen (32 sets);
  4. Adopt high-precision measuring ammeter and high uniformity illumination IR light source, and high-precision motion table is used to accurately control the lifting and lowering of reflective plate;
  5. Customized ATE, co-work with CZTEK.


Test Items1D ToF Distance Calibration
Target Device1D ToF Module, Proximity Sensor, fully assembled
Configuration for TestZ Displacement Sensor, Chart, Dark Sphere 
Configuration for Motion20 Axis Motion, 4 Visions
Socket8 Single Socket with Actuator
Loading MethodAutomatic P&P, 16 Pickers, Jedec Tray based
Control PCI7 Quad Core, 16G Byte Memory , Window 10, 64bit
UPH1100 units per hour


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