VCSEL End Of Line (EOL tester) Screen Tester

Product Description

VCSEL EOL Tx & Rx combined tester is used to control the quality of the product and do the OQC checking before shipment. By checking the performance of the fully assembled module, we can filter out the defective products with abnormal power or bad image performance. 


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  1. Customized chart patterns is possible, to accommodate different requirements;
  2.  High-uniformity LED light distribution on chart (reflective type) – thanks to the optical simulation;
  3. Self-designed F-sin(theta) lens to analysis the beam quality of VCSEL after the DOE (diffractive optical element);
  4. Self-designed socket and driver boards, temperature control from 15 to 70 degreeC.


Test ItemsElectrical testing(open/short), MTF, LIV, Beam Quality
Target DeviceFace ID or Lidar Module, fully assembled
Configuration for TestMultiple Charts(200mm, 250mm, 600mm), f-sin(theta) lens,   Spectrometer, Photodiode, Integrating Sphere, Image Grabber 
Configuration for MotionOne rotary table, 1 Vision
Socket8 Single Socket with Actuator
Loading MethodSeparate Automatic P&P Machine needed, Jedec Tray based
Control PCI7 Quad Core, 16G Byte Memory , Window 10, 64bit
Weight 3100kg
UPH200 units per hour


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