Laser Multi Axis Linkage Composite Machining System

Product Description

This equipment is a five axis (machine tool)+3-axis (galvanometer) linkage laser precision machining system that combines specificity and universality. It has the functions of five axis large-scale precision positioning and local three-axis high-speed laser scanning linkage tracking. It is composed of a five axis motion system, laser and optical systems, CCD visual positioning and automatic focusing, and a system CNC system. It can meet the requirements of surface precision carving, material removal, machining of irregular holes, and manufacturing of high-end components for complex curved materials in the 3C industry. It can also be applied to civilian fields such as mold manufacturing, medical device processing, and nozzle punching, with fully independent intellectual property rights.


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  1. The closed-loop linkage between the laser processing system and the motion control system achieves high-precision machining;
  2. Capable of continuous processing of 3D curved surfaces, with laser processing filling density not affected by speed changes during the linkage process;
  3. Correct the geometric center of the incoming material and reconstruct the spatial coordinates of the parts;
  4. Reconstruct trajectory tracking processing based on incoming material differences, including cutting, material removal, precision carving, and filling;
  5. High precision linear module + dd-motor for high-precision machining.




Average Power

Positioning Accuracy

Repeat Positioning Accuracy

Minimum Machining Aperture

Cutting Materials

Cutting Light Spot

Machine Power

ns, ps, fs

355 nm





Ceramics, metals, organic matter, hard brittle materials, thin film products, etc

Minimum 12μm




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