Distortion and Color Tester for VR Module


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For Distortion and Imaging Quality Test:

  1. High-precision conoscope camera calibration;
  2. Align the optical axis of DUT lens with the optical axis of autocollimator;
  3. Calibrate left and right eyecups decenters;
  4. Measure both eyecups distortion errors;
  5. Analysis of distortion disparity between left and right eyecups;
  6. Detect display blemish;
  7. Image sharpness (MTF analysis).

For Color and Transmission Test:

  1. Standard RGB camera with conoscope setup, work as Imaging Colorimeter ;
  2. Perform RGB Flat Field Correction(FFC): Luminance Accuracy >97%;
  3. Color correlation: Color Coordinates Error <±0.003 (NIST traceable instruments comparable, benchmark to IS or PR Radiometers);
  4. Customized Color space readings and analysis;
  5. Can also integrate commercial photometer and colorimeter with VR/AR lens.


Test ItemsVR module distortion, image sharpness, color, transmission
Target DeviceVR lens, VR single eyecup module, VR headset
Configuration for TestAutocollimator, Conoscope, Hexapod
Configuration for Motion6 DOF alignment
Loading MethodManual loading for VR module and headset
Control PCI7 Quad Core, 16G Byte Memory , Window 10, 64bit
Dimension1150 × 1050 × 2150mm 


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