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Laser Micro-processing Product Line

Focusing on 3C and industry-specific high precision laser processing equipment, including cutting, marking, material removal, and providing core process equipment solutions for customers.

The product line includes R&D teams in optic, laser, vision, electrical, software, machinery, and motion control;

With fully independent core technologies.

  1. Compatible with different sizes of silicon wafer;
  2. Efficient automatic alignment, customized operation interface and functions;
  3. Laser processing enables machining with no contact, no edge collapse, negligible heat damage and no water added;
  4. No pollution, zero consumables, environmental friendly;
  5. Less thickness of wafer favors laser etching method.
  1. Automatic multi-station mode, double-side grooving at the same time, ultra-fast laser processing, to achieve high efficiency and income generation;
  2. Compatible with different sizes of silicon chip;
  3. Efficiently automatic alignment, customized operation interface and functions;
  4. High precision visual positioning and detection design effectively ensure the machining accuracy and test results;
  5. No pollution, zero consumables and environmental friendly.

The laser system uses the dense pulse energy of a carbon dioxide laser to act on the black glue covered on the iron sheet, causing it to partially gasify and partially form larger dust particles that are sucked away with the vacuum, achieving the goal of laser glue removal. The laser system is also equipped with an independently developed AOI detection system, which can quickly and accurately determine the size and appearance of the area after glue removal.

By using an optimized ultra short laser pulse process, selectively remove the absorption layer, scratch the black electrode layer, do not damage the substrate, Efficient etching was performed on PEN-ITO.

Polarizer laser cutting manipulates laser beam to vaporize or melt the material at working area to cut the polarizer. Laser beam can be controlled by CNC to achieve automatic complicated trajectory cutting to get desired material shape.

Utilizing high-energy light beams to illuminate the surface of PCB circuit boards, the vaporization cutting of PCB materials is achieved by controlling parameters such as beam energy density, frequency, speed, and processing times.Laser cutting/splitting machines used in the electronics industry can be used for fine cutting and splitting of products such as hard boards, soft boards, and covering films

This equipment is a five axis (machine tool)+3-axis (galvanometer) linkage laser precision machining system that combines specificity and universality. It has the functions of five axis large-scale precision positioning and local three-axis high-speed laser scanning linkage tracking. It is composed of a five axis motion system, laser and optical systems, CCD visual positioning and automatic focusing, and a system CNC system. It can meet the requirements of surface precision carving, material removal, machining of irregular holes, and manufacturing of high-end components for complex curved materials in the 3C industry. It can also be applied to civilian fields such as mold manufacturing, medical device processing, and nozzle punching, with fully independent intellectual property rights.

This equipment is a five axis laser processing equipment (machine tool XYZ+AC)+laser galvanometer linkage for super hard diamond industrial tools. It has the function of space complex curve movement track plus laser processing, and can process many super hard material, such as PCD, PCBN, CVD, MCD, etc. The laser removal efficiency of super hard material is very high, and there is no traditional consumables. It can precisely position and process with the machine tool combined with five axis movement and laser technology, It can efficiently process various complex and precise 3D features with complex curved edges, chip breaking grooves, milling heads, etc.

Automated laser drilling, automatically completing micro hole forming. It can program the hole shape, and the self-developed software can freely edit the graphic trajectory and aperture.

UV ps laser is used to ensure perfect beam quality, fine beam spot, uniform and full coding spot.